Monday, January 7, 2013

Genetic Sequence of Cannabis Sativa

The full genome for Cannabis sativa is downloadable here (the cultivar used was 'Chemdawg'). Available to the public since 2011, only time will tell what will be done with this information. The Cannabis plant has been bred to produce a wide array of phenotypes (and chemotypes) with the use of traditional plant breeding techniques alone.
Chemdog - photo from Green House Seeds

Ignoring the issues of ethics for now, an easy to anticipate and creepy use of this information involves splicing the genes responsible for production of say, THC, into another plant. The easiest target would probably be the hop vine - Humulus lupulus - as it is the only other member of the plant family Cannabaceae. Other obvious targets included members of the mint family. The idea of smoking the  fruit of such plants - 'Frankenbuds' - is a little off-putting, but such technology would free the industrial hemp industry: if any plant can be engineered to produce THC, the argument about cannabis/hemp being confusable becomes moot.

About the Strain:
Chemdawg is a rather potent strain of marijuana, with the Green House Seeds version placing 2nd in the IC420 Growers Cup in 2008. 

A website with information on how to download and assemble the data is HERE. The data is provided by Medicinal Genomics with the help of Nimbus Informatics. Academic use is free of charge. For commercial use,  contact for information on obtaining a license.

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