Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stoner Living Space Alert - Asteroid Passing between Earth and Moon

Hey Stoners - stay out of the stratosphere - a big space rock might hit you if you get too high! An asteroid is going to pass between the earth and the moon on Friday February 15, 2013. It will be closest to earth around 11:30 AM (PDT). The big (150 feet across) old hunk of iron and ice will be closer than the satellites above us. And we haven't had anything of this size pass this close in the past 40 years or so since we've had satellites integrated into our daily lives -  in terms of relying on them for communication, navigation and even weather reporting. Let's hope for the best.

Moon Rocket Vintage Toy from Stoner Living
Our Sources Inform Us The Moon is Safe from 2012-DA14
Asteroid 2012-DA14's orbit will send it below the Clarke Belt - an elevation popular for communications satellites because objects there appear motionless in a fixed position above earth in what is called a "geostationary orbit". This special spot, 22,000 miles above earth, has become crowded with lots of communications and security equipment - making it entirely possible that the asteroid could collide with navigation (GPS), weather or communication equipment. But NASA assures the public that there is no chance of a collision with earth.

We are huge space nerds here at Stoner Living and so we were sad to hear that the best viewing with binoculars will be from Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia. But on the bright side, the satellites above Seattle should be safely out of asteroid 2012-DA14's path of destruction.

Viewing will be streamed online and you can watch it live right HERE.

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