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NW Cannabis Market: America's Only Daily Cannabis Market

Stoner Living Field Trip Report: NW Cannabis Market
New Galaxy Location
2329 Rainier Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98144

The new Galaxy Location of the NW Cannabis Market opened on February 13th, 2013 and it was business as usual when we stopped by on Tuesday, February 26th. The NW Cannabis Market serves the medical cannabis community and a proof of medical authorization is required for entry. The market is open 7 days a week, with a group of 'core vendors' up front, and an area in back with rotating vendors offering a variety of changing inventory including clones, extracts and even a 'dab lounge' where extracts can be sampled on the spot in special vaporizing devices (the dab lounge wasn't open for our visit). It is uncertain how the implementation of I-502 will impact existing medical marijuana access point operations such as this.

Illustration by Hubba Hubba - Interpretation of a typical vendor's booth at a cannabis farmers market
Interpretation of a typical vendor's booth by Seattle artist Hubba Hubba

The paperwork at the front desk was simple; they examined my medical recommendation paperwork and identification. The people at the reception desk were very friendly and gave a sample of cannabis for being first time visitors/patients.

The first booth upon entering is Peoples Champz Medicated Edibles. The cheerful proprietor let me sample all four flavors of his medicated juices including grapefruit, cherry/apple, tangerine and strawberry/lemonade. Think of the quality of beverages like Naked or Odwalla, but made with fine cannabis extracts and available in 1 gallon containers for a $40 donation. The tangerine was excellent - crisp and vibrantly flavorful, and I purchased a glass ($7). He sold us the last of his Black Berry (4.5 grams) for his 1/8 oz donation of $35. The Black Berry was light and fluffy, with a soft sugar dipped look. Its loose, resin crusted clusters reminded me of the early afghani hash strains.

Next door was the Modus Vivendi booth. They had a variety of extracts including ominously packaged Rick Simpson oil in a syringe that showed the dark blacky greenish tar like goo within; warming it under warm water was recommended to loosen it up. A dab 'the size of a grain of rice' is all that is needed, or so we were told by several vendors. Rick Simpson is a famous California cancer survivor who claims he healed himself with this formula. The edible oil has been heat activated and is a whole plant food grade extract - chlorophyll and all.
KRS One Capsules

I was intimidated by the $30 syringe (it looked like the plunger on the thing could easily discharge in my bag) and opted for a package of KRS One kif and extract capsules which they promised offered a significant body effect. They gave me a 1 g sample of the cannabis of my choosing for being a first time customer. I chose 'Green Crack'. The 'green crack' sample was comprised of two buds - one larger, dense bud about an inch long by a quarter inch; and the other about a quarter inch square. It produced a thick, hearty smoke and a euphoric happy high.

The Van'Z ice cream booth occupies a prime spot directly across from the market entrance. In addition to their flashing lights, Van'Z  had an assortment of glassware, clones, medibles and cannabis. The ice creams I sampled were outstanding. I tried the Peach Cobbler and the Dark Aztec Rocket Fuel. The rocket fuel came out darker than intended, they confessed, but I loved it and bought a 1/2 pint ($15). They had a wonderful glass waterpipe which looked phallic to me, but my friend saw it as a  cannon...'yeah...people see a lot of things in that one' the gentleman behind the counter remarked.

The Urban Healing Collective was next, offering a good selection of cannabis including elusive strains such as 'Girl Scout Cookies'. At the counter, I heard something about 'Pineapple Dog Shit'. I thought it was a joke until I saw the jar of it proudly displayed with a suggested donation of $11/g. I laughed and the guy who was buying the Girl Scout Cookies said he liked the Purple Dog Shit very much; that it offered an unmatched all-day high that didn't need 'topping off. But alas, there was only the Pineapple Dog Shit, so I opted for an 1/8 oz sampling of  the Super Lemon Haze which presented nicely with mid sized buds and silvery white frosting. The citrus aroma is pronounced in an almost lemon-pledge way and the high is cerebral and wirey. I also tried their Cascade Goo, for a little indica heavy hybrid variety.
No Sea Bird Poop Was Used to Fertilize the Cannabis in these Brownies

They Guys from Seattle's Best Cannabis Medical Cannabis Co-Op were next door with their spectrum of 'vegan organic' cannabis. So, what exactly does that mean, I asked? I inquired specifically about the use of guano - manure - a staple in organic farming. The gentleman said that he uses bat guano (they eat fruit and stuff) but not sea bird guano (they eat anything). He had a variety of strains, including lovingly handled, non compressed, fresh and organic product. I imagine these guys will become one of my regular providers of medical cannabis. But I had already purchased my allotment of cannabis for the day, so sampling their wares will wait for a later visit. They did provide samples of their vegan, organic chocolate brownies.

Grassroots Seattle had an Impressive Booth
The Grassroots Seattle booth was professional, and their knowledgable salesperson discussed Rick Simpson oil with us and let us sample some medibles. I got a package of four medicated chocolate peanut butter cups ($20) and sampled their Snickerdoodle cookies, which were excellent too.

Overall, TheNW Cannabis Farmers Market New Galaxy location has done well to avoid most of the flea market dinginess that could easily plague such an operation. Vendors have official looking booths - not just folding card tables. Some are a bit tacky with flashing Christmas lights, but most are standard retail fixtures. The 'dab lounge' will certainly be worth checking out, and a variety of vendors will bring seasonal variation.

The Galaxy location of the NW Cannabis Market is open 7 days a week and is located behind the legendary Italian Borachini's Bakery at 2329 Rainier Ave. South, in Seattle (2 1/2 miles south of the heart of Downtown Seattle).

Article by Greta Kraftt, field reporter for Stoner Living Blog.
Illustration courtesy of Seattle artist Hubba Hubba, you can check out his art here or visit his Etsy store.

--------------(c) 2013 Stoner Living Blog

The author is in no way affiliated with the NW Cannabis Market.


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