Monday, June 16, 2014

Vaping & Hash Oil Pens - Are Weed Smokers the Tobacco Chewers of the Future?

What will the North American cannabis market look like in 2050? Joints packed up like cigarettes? Here at Stoner Living, we doubt it. We love the completely natural aspect of marijuana, and the virtually non-existent processing. Some cannabis devotees will surely stick with tradition and demand minimally processed flowers for smoking, but that probably won't dominate the market.

XL Vape Cartridges - visible (left) and 'stealth' (right)
A standardization-friendly, non-smoked version of weed seems most likely to reign supreme by the time cannabis is sold like cigarettes. To control dosage and minimize the number of producers (the US has 3 major tobacco companies right now - and two are talking about merging), a highly standardized, expensive to start up system is what the mature marijuana industry will look like.

Future cannabis connoisseurs who are non-cigarette smokers will be likely to enjoy 'vaping' their cannabis, and will be a lot less likely to fall into the "nothing works like smoking my bong/pipe/blunt" group. I understand the sentiment of this group, as I fall into it myself. But product development is driven by the wants and needs of the young - few market research agents include participants over the age of 36 in their research unless they have a demographic specific reason to do so. It's one of Marketing's dirty little secrets.

XLVape w/ Visible Cartridge
As I discussed in an earlier article, vape pens "fix" a lot of the problems consumer's have with cannabis- - no smoke, no smell, no lingering odor. The trade off is that the vape pen experience is not exactly the same - and for many, it is not as satisfying.

It's no big secret: smoking is bad for you, is increasingly taboo and it is a dying part of our culture. But it is a legal part of our culture, and despite cigarette volume declines, cigarettes will never completely go away.
Joint 10 Pack from Urban Roots Collective
Smoking is the norm for marijuana these days. And many pot smokers also smoke cigarettes. But that doesn't mean it will always be that way. Think about tobacco: first it was smoked in pipes, then rolled in tobacco leaves and smoked, and it is chewed in a variety of cultures.

Tennessee Twist
Trends wax and wane but few (if any) habits truly go away. Nasal snuff is nasty stuff, but it is still manufactured and sold. And there is a stronghold of Tennessee twist tobacco users, mostly old holdouts from the tobacco growing regions down where Tennesee meets the North Carolina.Today's joint smoking pot farmers from Cascadia may be doomed to be tomorrow's Tennessee twist holdouts.

Here in the United States, smoking was originally promoted by public health campaigns due to the risk of typhoid and other spit borne diseases that were so deadly in the early 1900s. When cigarette filters were introduced in the 50s, one of the first was the Kent Micronite filter, made from Asbestos.

So let's proceed with caution as we march into the future of legal marijuana. It would be wise to learn some lessons from the tobacco industry. Better yet, the nascent world of legal marijuana  could develop a marketing model that would put consumer 'wellbeing' paramount to profit. 

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Peoples Champz Pecan Pie from NW Cannabis Market - Product Review w/ Wine Pairings

One of the highlights of any trip to the NW Cannabis Market is visiting The Champ, at his
Peoples Champz booth located right inside the front door. The Champ offers a variety of medible alternatives including juice, medicated chocolates from Canna Girl and more.

Peoples Champz Edibles offer flowers too - at amazingly discounted prices given the quantity. And it's rumored that these guys are behind the legendary Illmatic strain.

Peoples Champz Edibles - Medicated Pecan Pie

These are a classic Southern rendition of pecan pie with crispy crust, candied pecans and that gooey filling holding it all together. The cannabis flavor was unmistakably present to the initiated, but not in a bad way. Medibles should have a distinguishable cannabis flavor, primarily for safety's sake - but they must be tasty too.

These single servings are the right size - but don't be tempted to double up because they are so delicious. And these pies are exquisitely tasty, but psychoactive.

Pecan Pies as Medicine
My sweetie is recovering from shoulder surgery. The surgeon gave him a script for oxycodone - which was particularly good when the nerve blocker pump ran out - but medical marijuana is allowing him to use a surprisingly small amount of pain medicine. Rest and recuperation is imperative after surgery, so medical marijuana like these Peoples Champz pecan pies are perfect. Medibles are particularly useful for highly active patients who may otherwise resist medical orders for rest & recuperation.

The Champ's Blackberry Flowers
But I'm Not Sick - How Can I Enjoy These Pies?
In the future, we hope the WSLCB will figure out how to integrate existing legitimate enterprises like Peoples Champz into the new recreational model and these top-notch pies could be available outside of the medical market. Until then, WA medical marijuana patients should be aware of significant impending changes which could make things very ugly about a year from now.

But let's assume everyone decides to get along - how would a marijuana infused pie like this fit into the culinary landscape?

The Champ's pies are a perfect choice to accompany a holiday meal complete with turkey and all the trimmings. Or these pies could make a simple Sunday dinner special. Just be sure to designate drivers and make sure nobody nods off into the collards.

It's easy to pair medicated pecan pies like these with wine for a special event. We recommend muscat or an ice-wine for marijuana aficionados seeking something sweeter. A dry sparkling choice like a Procecco would provide an interesting texture contrast; for a sweeter bubbly, pair with an Asti. Calvados, a brandy, is the choice for those seeking to impress or just looking for something harder.

The Champ can be found at the Rainier 'Galaxy' medical marijuana farmers market.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Post Surgical Cartoons from (Right Handed) Artist

Bed Buds (2014) by Hubba Hubba 

(from the left hand cartoons from bed series


Beloved Seattle tattoo artist Hubba Hubba, is laid up after rotator cuff shoulder surgery but staying busy with a series of left-handed gems that are delightful! More can be found HERE on his Facebook page. This one is for Seattle Smokers:

Bed Buds (c) 2014 Hubba Hubba

Due to positive response, Hubba has plans for prints or a small graphic novel, Stay tuned on his Facebook Page where you will also be treated to his prolific, demented yet delightful artworks.

(c) 2014 Stoner Living Blog, artwork (c) Hubba Hubba

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

RIP Dr. Alexander 'Sasha' Shulgin - Chemist, Husband & Inspiration

Dr. Alexander Shulgin, the man considered by many to be the 'Godfather of Psychedelics' died June 2nd, 2014.
Sasha Shulgin - inspiration to many
Alexander 'Sasha' Shulgin (image from Wikipedia)
The world lost one of our best when Dr. Alexander 'Sasha' Shulgin died at home in his bed, surrounded by friends and family. Best known for discovering, synthesizing and personally testing 230+ psychoactive compounds. PIHKAL, written with his wife Ann, chronicles the explorations as their extended circle evaluated the potential of a variety of compounds.

Shulgin is widely credited with bringing MDMA and related compounds to the attention of psychologists in the 1970s. But the most enticing of his work is his exploration of the 2C* family of compounds, his experiences with which are widely detailed in PIHKAL.

Shulgin was a humanitarian, and the love story detailed in PIHKAL describes the type of relationship anyone would be lucky to experience. I'm skeptical about 'soul mates', but the enduring partnership of Ann & Sasha is a love story for the ages. Our love and support go out to his widow, Ann.

For anybody interested, PIHKAL is a phenomenal read, even for non-chemists. Chemists will appreciate the second half of the book, which is a distillation of his lab notebooks. Just don't let the po-po find this book next to your collection of lab glass.

Safe travels, Sasha. Your spirit will live forever in the hearts and works of those you inspired.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Stoner Living Theme Video

Feast your ears and eyes on the Stoner Living Blog Theme

Written with much love, this blog is probably the best way for your midwestern grandparents learn about the world of legal weed culture before their next trip to visit you in Seattle or Denver.

Coming from a scientific yet slightly twisted background, The Stoner Living Blog is designed for marijuana connoisseurs and the curious alike.