Friday, October 25, 2019

Terrible Stoner Ideas circa 1975 - "Ways to Turn Bad Weed to Good" (Actually, Making Bad Pot Worse)

Now that marijuana is available in convenient retail establishments, quality is up and it's hard to find *bad* weed in Washington state. New cannabis edibles, extracts including shatter and alternative formats like cartridges are proliferating. It's the Cambrian explosion of pot evolution, and weed is morphing from a commodity to a category of differentiated value-added products.

Much of the branded cannabis sold as flower has excellent organoleptic qualities, but frankly, I hadn't smoked cannabis in over a year until the terrible vape-lung epidemic began a few months ago. I no longer smoke cigarettes, and unconsciously moved away from smoking cannabis in lieu of vaping or eating it. For some reason, the vape-lung epidemic made me nostalgic for the old-fashioned ritual of smoking.
Photo of low grade marijuana in zip lock bag- note stems and dull color
"Too much bad weed is in the garden" - Junior Murvin lyrics

But I digress...

From the bygone era when groovy folks rolled grass into reefers, here is some vintage advice from the annals of stoner history. These ideas range from bizarre to terrible, and are probably quite puzzling to young cannabis aficionados who have never faced a bag of low-grade marijuana.

See below for the information exactly as I found it, spelling errors and all.



1. Place the dope in a container which allows air to enter in a restricted 
fashion (such as a can with nail holes punched in its lid) and add a 
bunch of dry ice, and the place the whole thing in the freezer for a 
few days. This process will add a certain amount of potency to the product, 
however, this only works with dry ice, if you use normal, everyday 
freezer ice, you will end up with a soggy mess... [whf? SL]
2. Take a quantity of grass and dampen it, place in a baggie or another 
socially acceptable container, and store it in a dark, dampish place 
for a couple of weeks (burying it also seems to work). The grass will 
develop a mold which tastes a bit harsh, and burns a tiny bit funny, 
but does increase the potency.       [NOOO - don't do it! SL]
3. Expose the grass to the high intensity light of a sunlamp for a full 
day or so. Personally, I don't feel that this is worth the effort, but 
if you just spent of your friend's money for this brick of 
super-Colombian, right-from-the-President's-personal-stash, 
and it turns out to be Mexican dirt weed, and you're packing your bags to 
leave town before the people arrive for their shares, well, you might 
at least try it. Can't hurt. [maybe?  SL]
4. Take the undisirable portions of our stash (stems, seeds, weak weed, 
worms, etc.) and place them in a covered pot, with enough rubbing 
alchol to cover everything.  [Choose Ethyl Alcohol (not rubbing) - SL]
Now CAREFULLY boil the mixture on an ELECTRIC stove or lab burner. DO 
NOT USE GAS - the alchol is too flammable. After 45 minutes of heat, 
remove the pot and strain the solids out, SAVING THE ALCOHOL. 
Now, repeat the process with the same residuals, but fresh alchol. 
When the second boil is over, remove the solids again, combine the two 
quantities of alcohol and reboil until you have a syrupy mixture. 
Now, this syrupy mixture will contain much of the THC formerly hidden 
in the stems and such. One simply takes this syrup then throughly 
combines it with the grass that one wishes to improve upon.

Oy vey! Please don't try these ideas at home.

Let's consider these suggestions point-by-point:

1) I don't understand why CO2 from the dry ice would improve the potency of  bad weed that is dried and cured and in the bag. CO2 supplementation is used to facilitate indoor marijuana horticulture-prior to harvest.
2) No! (And, ewww!) Don't mold your bad pot in an ill fated attempt to improve it. Most terrible marijuana from yesteryear was terrible because it was moldy. Encouraging mold is more likely to degrade the psychoactive and aromatic properties of the marijuana and that isn't the objective here. Plus, toxic mold could grow.
3) Blasting bad weed with a sunlamp might drive off some of the musty character, but won't enhance potency via any logical mechanism. Proper drying and curing procedures are vital to ensuring good smoking quality and potency, but isn't a magic technique. Allowing time to 'air-out' cannabis with any type of aromaatic off-note or mustiness is a fine idea.
4) Alcohol extracts are a time-tested technique for making use of cannabis scraps... but use ethyl alcohol, not rubbing alcohol! Rubbing alcohol in the US is either isopropyl alcohol, or a denatured ethyl alcohol specially treated with bitterants/ adulterants intended to make it taste terrible. Use Everclear® or another highly concentrated alcohol intended for consumption available. When Everclear® is not available, high proof (>100) vodka is another alternative that will not add much flavor; 151 Rum is another widely available high-proof choice.

I have no idea who penned these tips, or where they originated. If anyone is aware of the original provenance, please drop us a line and I will update this article to give credit where credit is due.
DIY Battering-Ram Resistant Steel Door for Your Bunker! by Jack B. Nimble
DIY Bunker Door by Jack B. Nimble

These questionable 'tips' were included in a trove of  forbidden information available for 99 cents on the darkweb [250+ B@nned Books - Drugs, Scientology, Hacking - instant download!]. I'm a curious soul who couldn't miss an opportunity this good. Other gems included design plans for a re-enforced metal door, fashioned with automobile springs able to withstand a battering ram and (my favorite) husbandry & 'milking' instructions for the psychedelic Sonoran toad.

I'll end this dispatch with a few thoughts for readers of Stoner Living. I suggest that if you need a door that can withstand a battering ram, you are probably not living like you should. Also, while reptile husbandry is a worthwhile hobby, torturing toads by squeezing the living daylights out of them so you can get high is totally unacceptable. Kindness and decency is sexy; harming small, helpless animals makes you a jerk.

On the subject of 'bad weed', remember the obvious -  you can't polish a turd. If your cannabis is bad/moldy/frumpy, just throw it out! It's that simple. This is an ancillary public health benefit of legalizing marijuana, because when the clandestine market commands astronomical prices north of  ~20$/gram, consumers will smoke that moldy (or otherwise contaminated) weed, health consequences be damned.

I am grateful to live in Washington State, where regulated retail stores sell safe cannabis products, free from adulterants (like vitamin E) added by unscrupulous black market profiteers. I believe the federal legalization of cannabis will provide needed consumer protection and save lives. Let's make it happen.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

RSO 'Rick Simpson Oil' - an affordable, versatile cannabis preparation for vaping, smoking or eating

Hi Guys RSO cannabis extract available in WA legally
Hi-Guys RSO - 1g tubes $15-$18, at Seattle Tonics
Extracts of cannabis in their many guises have proliferated since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington State. Edible cannabis preparations are widely available, albeit relatively expensive compared to other formats of cannabis like good-ole smoking grade flower. Marijuana extracts have proliferated and increased in potency and consistency across the board - like the 1g cartridges of super-pure distillate claiming potency north of 97% (not RSO).

RSO is a preparation popularized by the medical marijuana community, but is also enduringly popular with ganja farmers and other bulk users as a way to to utilize cannabis scraps and leftovers. RSO is a versatile cannabis format, more suitable for medical use than formats limited to consumption via smoking. RSO can be put into capsules, used as an edible, smoked, vaporized or mixed with emollients and made into a topical formulation for use on skin.

To make RSO, cannabis is pulverized and extracted into a solvent - isopropyl alcohol, hexane or others. Ethanol - even in its purest drinking form as Everclear, is 95% alcohol - contains 5% water requiring subsequent removal.The principle of GIGO, garbage-in-garbage-out, applies to RSO extractions - starting with inferior material won't yield a superior finished product.

Several processes can be found online, including the original from Rick's website. Different techniques vary in equipment, solvent and time/ temperature paradigms. The liquid is strained out of the spent material, and gently evaporated to leave the concentrated marijuana extract - Rick Simpson Oil. RSO is a thick, tarry, blackish goo mostly because it still contains chlorophyll, which is also alcohol soluble. Chlorophyll gives plants their green color, it adds (generally undesirable) aroma and flavor compounds and does not increase potency in terms of cannabinoid content.
RSO close up of label and Activated warning stcker on cannabis extract
Not to be eating this!

There are medical marijuana preparations made via 'whole plant' extractions, including leaves, stems and plant components not generally included in extracts. Some medical proponents believe complex and possibly unelucidated compounds contribute to the effect of RSO. But the 'Wellness' industry is brimming with products that over-promise and under-deliver and some of the claims made about medical marijuana are simply too fantastic to be true. As a patient with a chronic, autoimmune condition I am privy to novel forms of quackery hitting the street. Often these products are sold by multi-level marketers who operate with a pseudo-religious zeal.

The blackish-hue of RSO and its thick, unwieldy nature (just TRY to get it off your bathroom vanity) diminish the potential reach of this marijuana extract. However, Stoners are over-indexed in the waste-not-want-not school of thought, so a scrap using paradigm has appeal. Smokers may enjoy adding RSO to extract laden joints and other specialty products. RSO is widely available at attractive price-points in some markets and almost unheard of in others. Go figure.

RSO is an extract which can be used in a variety of ways - smoking, vaping or as an edible. However, most states have enacted strict laws restricting product and package size for medibles. In WA, the serving size of a marijuana edible is 10mg of active ingredient, with no total container having more than 100mg active ingredient per package.

The High Guys RSO pictured above comes packaged as 1g (1000mg) in a needleless syringe sealed in a plastic/mylar bag. This is an excellent, affordable RSO option produced by the fine people at Cowlitz County Cannabis, under their Hi Guys brand, focused on providing great value products for the working man. Their 1g containers of RSO are available at a marvelous price point $15-$18/g and are currently available at Seattle Tonics and other Washington retailers.

MR brand Lemon Droppers or Chill Pillz with 10mg extract per candy, ten per bag
10mg/candy or 100mg per bag
With the Hi-Guys RSO label showing total cannabinoids at 72%, we know the container contains 720mg Cannabinoids or seventy two servings of edible cannabis (at 10mg/serving). So don't eat it! This product is not labeled nor intended for edible use. Most boxes of medibles run $15-$30 for a box of 10 candies, a total of 100mg in the box. One tube of this is the equivalent of seven boxes of 10mg candies in their usual packaging configuration, or seven bottles of the very strongest beverages available (no container with more than 100mg).

When it comes to dosing with marijuana edibles, it is a delicate art with several moving parts. The same dose on different days will impact an in individual in varied ways. With smoked cannabis, the 'high' hits a plateau beyond which the stoner will not climb. With eaten cannabis, a protracted lag-time often leads to errant re-dosing and subsequent over-dosing. The subjective experience of overdoing cannabis edibles/beverages differs from the experience of smoking too much; the edible experience can bend toward the psychedelic, akin to eating psilocybin mushrooms or the substituted phenethylamines like 2-CB.
MR Cannabis lemon candies, 10mg each, 100gm cannabinoids per bag
Seven bags of these equals one RSO tube

Fortunately, cannabis is non-toxic and has an extremely wide therapeutic index. In practical terms, that means the amount people use to get high is very different from the dose required to kill them. Some drugs, notably the opiates, have narrow therapeutic index, causing unfortunate consumers to accidentally kill themselves. That isn't going to happen to a stoner who eats what the Liquor Control Board considers to be 72 servings of marijuana all at once. But they better buckle up, because it is going to be an extended, weird-ass ride.

A budget oriented consumer desperate for cheaper cannabis edibles could split a RSO tube into ten servings, each with about 70mg cannabinoids. This would provide about 7x bang-for-the buck in terms of price per mg (for $15 you could make about seventy RSO servings, each with ~10 mg cannabinoids). Or you can spend $15 and get 10 servings of a legit product which is exactly what you should do! RSO packaged in this format is not intended for use as an edible and Stoner Living is not encouraging product misuse.

'Dosage makes the poison' goes the old adage, and though you probably won't kill yourself, why risk making a single day suck?

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Glenn DanZig-Zag Rolling Paper Man by Hubba Hubba - Stoner Living

Here at Stoner Living, our hearts warmed like a fresh serving of corned beef hash when we saw this piece of tattoo flash from Hubba Hubba, hide-etcher extraordinaire at the Seattle Tattoo Emporium. The STE artists roared with laughter (after the warbling wails of 'Mother' died down) so a whole sheet is rumored to be in the works, with a possible DanZigfield and Roy centerpiece with hungry white tiger. Hubba says he isn't a huge Danzig fan, but here at Stoner Living we fondly remember blowing out our speakers in high school with a bootleg cassette of EvilLive.

Zig-zag rolling papers transport me to Richmond, Virginia, where I went to buy rolling papers at Costco many years ago. Two college kids came into the amble tobacco section, grabbed their cartons of Marlboro Lights and laughed at the Zig Zags saying, "who buys a carton of these?"

Well, kiddos, now you know.

DanZig-Zag Man by Hubba Hubba 

Hubba tattoos full time at The Seattle Tattoo Emporium, located between Pike & Pine on Boren, near the Seattle Convention Center. It is right around the corner from the Starbucks Reserve joint, so a trip to Starbucks Reserve deserves a stop at the Emporium - just to check out their tattoo museum and buy a t-shirt, even if you don't get ink.

If you got tattooed at some point since 1990 in Seattle, there is a chance you already know Hubba. With far more than the 10,000 hours required to make somebody an expert at something (according to author Malcolm Gladwell), Hubba is proficient at his craft of old-school, American tattooing. You can see more of his non-flesh art at his website HERE and you can follow him on Instagram at @weirdoartofhubbahubba.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Vape Pen Update - 2019 - Stoner Living Revisits the Category 5 Years into Legalization

Pen Vape with Cartridge - widely available Vaporizer for about $15
In 2014, Stoner Living enthusiastically wrote about Vape Pens in an article that still draws readers almost five years later. So we're back with an update an update because much has changed.

Vape pens with cartridges have blossomed into a huge and exponentially growing category in the legal cannabis market. Stoner Living believes that cartridges will go on to dominate the cannabis market in the way that rolled, filter tipped cigarettes dominated the tobacco cigarette market during the 'golden days' of tobacco. Further refinements and enhancements in the systems for vaporizing cannabis are the single biggest commercial opportunity in the nascent legal cannabis industry.
phat panda brand vape pen - about $15 in Seattle, WA
Vape pen set up w/3 temp settings & USB charger, ~ $15

Simple, re-chargeable vape pen set-ups are widely available for about $15 as of early 2019. Most come with a USB charger and have three temperature settings. Some have a pre-heat feature which can be turned on or off. Cartridges filled with cannabis extracts are sold separately, starting at about $20 and varying widely in price, potency size and flavor.

And flavor - there's a lot going on in the world of flavors. On a positive note, the naturally occurring aroma active compounds -terpenes- coming out and having their moment to shine. Some renegade flavorants are joining the scene straight from the flavor chemist's bag-o-tricks, like the wacky Peppermint Stick pictured below. And some product occupy muddled middle ground. Look for Stoner Living's big flavor article, coming soon.

dead pen vapes with hash oil remaining and no way to recharge
Single Use Vapes - at junkyard w/gas in the tank
Disposable vape pens are available at some outlets but are suffering from a bad reputation they cultivated out of the gate. Many retail outlets in Washington State choose not to carry single use pens. Disposable/one-time vape pens are of limited value in the experience of Stoner Living. Because re-chargable vape pen set ups are so cheap, and cartridges are available from $20-30, most customers opt for the cartridge and separate vape unit. Single-use vape units generally start at around $40 and contain .5g or less (some have .420g, some .34g). 

The single use pens often run out of electric charge before they run out of cannabis oil, leaving the disappointed user with visual evidence of tantalizing hash oil in the cartridge, and an annoying pen vape that just flashes when you try to take a puff. Attempting to recharge a non-rechargeable vaporizer unit could lead to it exploding in your face during subsequent use. No possibility of recharging these safely make the only option to somehow scavenge the oil from the dead vape pen.
REL vape single use 420mg cannabis oil vape from Oregon
Rel Vape - Adorable dispos-a-vape from Oregon, $42 for 420mg, purchased 2017

Graduation speeches sometimes include the cliché about 'making it to the junkyard with no gas left in your tank'. This is why disposable vapes are a bit soul crushing in addition to being environmentally abhorrent. Single use vapes without enough 'battery juice' to go through the 'cannabis juice' are a technological turd and a total bummer. Product developers would be wise not to have a visible tank for the cannabis extract until they are able to improve battery life. But maybe it is good these single-use products suck, so we can pre-emptively minimize the damage from the waste stream that could result from widespread adoption.
Regulator 1g Indica cartridge for pen vape
Regulator 1g Cartridge, available in WA

Cartridges are available in varying sizes, but are generally 500mg and 1000mg(1 g). Prices vary widely, but overall, competition and product availability has dropped the price of extracts including cartridges, particularly for value shoppers. The past 5 years allowed tremendous product development in terms of process optimization in the world of cannabis extracts, particularly with the introduction of a few decent sized CO2 extractors in the Washington State scene. A wide variety of different types of extracts sold in disposable cartridges have flooded the marketplace, and are available starting at $25/g of premium cannabis distillate with cannabinoid concentrations north of 80%.

Stoners who enjoy nicotine may own a JUUL already, and lucky for them, there are nifty little pods that work great with the JUUL system. Keep your eyes peeled for our Stoner Living review of the new (cannabis) pods from Optimum Cloud Pods, with .5g for $20 and 1g for just $35 at Dockside cannabis (pricing via opt-in  text message on January 31st, 2019, current prices and availability will vary).

Thank you for reading Stoner Living and follow us so you don't miss our upcoming articles on weed pods for JUUL and our big flavor article.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

How to Vape with Impunity - Stoner Living's Guide to Puffing Privately in Public in Desperate Times

The ExHaler - make it yourself!
These are dark days for decency and light hearted puffers like the readers of our illustrious blog know it's hard to hold your head high and keep smiling. But through tough times, most cannabis aficionados are hard working folks who get on with life and double down when the going gets tough. It's snowing outside? Stoners are the kind of folks who get up 15 minutes early to whack the snow off their sweetie's car. These days, Stoners are the responsible members of society while politicians disappoint and corporate titans shaft their employees.

But, enough with the gloom and doom! One sure fire way to pick up your dull day (wherever you are) is to have a puff of your favorite vapor. Me, I'm vaping a Regulator cartridge on my pen vape. Perhaps you are a JUUL aficionado. Whether it is nicotine or cannabinoids (along with their requisite flavorants and smoke enhancers), a little mid-day dose can boost your dreary day.

So if you want to vape or JUUL without offending the people around you, here's a helping hand from an old friend, the Ex-Sailor brand ExHaler brought to you by Stoner Living. You can make it yourself for free with stuff you (probably) have around your home.
ExHaler - toilet paper tube with dryer sheets
The ExHaler

The biggest concern of would-be puffer/vapers is the concern that people around you smell or seeing the vapor you create. This is where a lit-end cigarette or joint (or blunt) is NOT a good choice if stealt is your goal. A lit cigarette or blunt or joint has sidestream smoke - as it burns, smoke continues to stream from the lit end even when the smoker is not puffing. With a vape unit, 'smoke' is only created when the device is puffed. The residual vapor will contain water vapor, CO2, flavorants and traces of the active ingredient, usually nicotine or cannabinoids.

For the sake of subtlety, vaping beats smoking hands down. The best strategy to minimize the size of your vape cloud is to limit the size of your puff and to hold it in as long as possible before exhaling. With practice, a stealthy puffer may learn to 'zero' out the puffs through this strategy. But don't stop there - if you are vaping in the bathroom at work or university for instance - you need a second layer of protection. That is where the Ex-Sailor Exhaler comes in to play.

After taking your thoughtfully rationed pull on your vapo-device, and holding it in until you can't hold it any longer (at least 30 seconds), exhale slowly through your ExHaler. Be sure you vent everything down into your clothing - down your shirt- or into a sweatshirt or duffle bag. This will deodorize what you exhale, but it will still look like vapor unless you blow it into something and you wait a minute before leaving the area.

I learned the ExHaler technology from college friends who attended fancy prep boarding school on the East coast. From college dorms to Amtrak cabins of yore, the ExHaler (a simple card board tube from an empty roll of toilet paper stuffed with a few rumpled up dryer sheets) has served me well in pursuit of private puffing. The beauty of the exhaler it is that it smells like you are doing laundry - pretty innocuous in the grand scheme of things.
Everything you need to make you own ExSailor ExHaler!
Everything You Need to Make Your Own ExHaler Summarizing the Ex-Sailor's Exhaler Private Puffing system (Vape with Impunity):

0.) Make your ExHaler by stuffing an empty toilet paper tube w/ multiple crumpled dryer sheets, decorate as desired

1.) Limit your puff or vape size to a small to moderate amount

2.) Hold your puff or vape in for as long as possible, but at least 30 seconds

3.)Exhale your puff/vape through your ExHaler, but

4.)Vent your ExHaler by exhaling into own your shirt or into a sweatshirt

5.) Wait a while before leaving area (at least a minute)

Remember that if you are following the system described above and hold in the vapor, you will probably absorb more of the active ingredients (whether it is cannabinoid or nicotine), so adjust your dosage accordingly. If you are not exhaling a big cloud of vapor because you are holding it in for a long time it goes to figure that the volume of the cloud you are not seeing exhaled remains in your body. So think about THAT before deciding to try the Ex Sailor's ExHaler system.

If you are asking how to get away with JUULing at school, ask yourself if it is worth the hassle of getting busted, the indignity of having your parent or guardian informed because that is probably the worst thing that will come of it. The new nicotine delivery systems like the ones sold by JUUL appear to be 90-95% better for the user than conventional cigarettes, like Marlboro. That is according to peer reviewed studies in various medical journals. Beyond the embarrassment of getting in trouble, the enslavement to the nicotine dealers is probably the worst part of nicotine addiction. Baring a few adverse cardiovascular effects, nicotine does have some positive effects on attention and cognition, including this 2004 study that found nicotine gum improved handwriting in terms of faster and more fluid handwriting. If a JUUL lasts you a day and costs $4, that is a solid used car every 5 years or so (at $4/day, a 5 year habit costs $7,300 if you go through a pod a day).

The Ex Sailor - Origins

Back in 1999 I lived in an apartment building in Corvallis where I met my upstairs neighbor Serai and invited her over to hang out. My apartment had a cigarette smoking outside rule so when I pulled evening bong hits indoors while we got to know each other, it seemed polite to exhale through an ExHaler. I hung out with my new pal and exhaled all night through my lil frayed home-made device that made me imagine the neighbors thinking I did a lot of laundry. Then Serai pointed out that she was 'the neighbors'.

The next day I came home from the lab to a nice wrapped present on my porch! I opened it up, and Serai delivered a thank you note and made me a shiny new Ex-Sailor complete with flame detailing. Imagining some poor sucker kicked out of the Navy for a bum pee test, Serai thought my flimsy invention was pretty cool but in need of an upgrade (Serai was not a cannabis person then or today). She heard Ex-Sailor, all night instead of 'exhaler' and I treasure the resulting Ex-Sailor she made me, along with our friendship, some 20 years after the fact.

Serai has a popular cleaning business in the Corvallis area as of 2019 but I won't sully her professional image by linking to her popular service for homes and offices - but a shout out from SL all my love!

Never try to vape on board an airplane - any problem or funny stuff with the restroom smoke detectors can get your flight re-routed to the nearest airport big enough to land your aircraft. Think of the inconvenience you would cause so many people - the horror and shame (and probable criminal charges)! So never, ever on the plane. But if you are in the airport waiting interminably, well, it's not a good idea but at least you probably won't be re-routing planes.

So we offer the Ex-Sailor branded ExHaler to you for your privacy and convenience. Don't get yourself in trouble - vaping should relax and enhance your life, not add stress and trouble. Be aware of local ordinances and respect them. Also consider the many years of experience your parents have before dismissing their opinions. Be good to yourselves and make sure you are treating yourself to a little break and not creating problems for yourselves. This information is provided as courtesy to vapers being thoughtful of those around them and is not intended as encouragement to break the law.

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Legal Pot in Seattle - (Almost) 5 Years of Recreational Weed Stores

Legal marijuana stores opened their doors in Seattle in the summer of 2014. Emerald city stoners are now spoiled with a bumper supply of top-quality flower, extracts and edibles. It takes a cross country voyage to remember the dark days of prohibition which still reign across the American South and Midwest, where grams of schwag still cost $20, if you are lucky enough to know where to find it.
Eight of Greenline Cannabis sold at Seattle Tonics pot shop
Greenline- 3.5g Dragons Breath ($20, w/tax, Dec. 2018)

Nearing five years of legalization, prices, product availability and product diversity are at an all time high (pun intended). Market shelf space dedicated to concentrates and cartridges has increased, 'pre-rolled' as a category has increased, with an exciting diversity of enhanced joints featuring hash oil dips, rolls in kief and other combinations thereof.

Overall, prices are significantly lower and quality higher than at any time since the early 1990s. When Nirvana dominated the airwaves, black market top-shelf weed sold for 30-40$ per 'eighth' of an ounce or 3.5 grams. By the mid 1990s, lax Canadian drug laws led to a surplus of relatively good quality 'BC Bud' in the Seattle market. Medical collective gardens were legalized in Seattle in 1998. By the late 90s, this seedless product came on the scene and ultimately made low-grade, seeded 'mexi' weed un-saleable in the Seattle market by the turn of the millennium.

14g Pre Rolled from Hi Guys sold at Seattle Tonics recreational shop.
Hi Guys - 14g Pre-rolled joints ($20, Dec. 2018) Seattle Tonics
Prior to legalization, the US marijuana market was dominated by dried flower, which was smoked rolled up in paper or in a pipe. Marijuana smokers don't smoke pot leaves - the unfertilized flower of the female plant is where the active ingredient is concentrated. This point bears repeating because it takes the uninitiated a while to understand that whippersnappers aren't rolling up leaves to smoke their reefers.

The advent of medical marijuana in the 1990s and the rise of collective gardens saw the introduction of extracts like water process or screen processed hash products - bubble hash. Butane hash oil began the modern era of hash oil extractions, which continues to blossom today with an array of extracted products sold in cartridges and used in systems virtually indistinguishable from electronic cigarette systems. A whole universe of cannabis users who prefer dabs, concentrated extracts used with specialized equipment.

Phat Panda vape pen with 3 heat settings, fits standard carts.
Phat Panda's Panda Pen - $15 rechargeable pen vape w/usb charger.
Vape pen cartridges with cannabinoid concentrations (the active ingredients) in the 70-90+ percent ranges are available for as little as $25 for a 1 gram cartridge. (re-chargeable vaporizer pens with three heat settings are widely available for $15). Indeed, many cartridges are more expensive, with 500mg (1/2 gram) cartridges selling for $36.

Packaging for legal marijuana products have diversified in terms of materials and design while working within legal parameters in terms of security, labeling requirements. Meeting child resistance requirements mean some products are sealed into a plastic sarcophagus designed to torment rheumatic sufferers of all stripes. Woe unto you, sufferer of Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis - there is no opting out of the child-proof cap, which is an option at prescription drug pharmacies.

Different weed retailers cater with varying degrees of success to the consumer segments of weed store customers. Several different weed 'ghettos' have evolved where customers can go to one neighborhood and hit a large number of stores in a small area. Good examples of such areas are the SODO region and out on Aurora avenue, past 100th or so. Stay tuned for an article highlighting the retail scene as it has evolved in the Seattle market.


Note: all pricing and availability information are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended as an advertisement to sell or an offer of availability. Please obey all laws and respect local ordinances. We are not affiliated with any of the products or retail outlets mentioned in this article.

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