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Q. who are you?
This blog is edited by a product development scientist with decades of experience supporting the development, analysis and commercialization of products intended for adults (bongs not dongs). I did a graduate thesis about Pinot noir wine, spent enjoyable years at Big Tobacco and currently split my time between Richmond, Virginia, and my hometown of Seattle, witnessing the legalization of marijuana.

We don't broadcast our name or image so we can visit stores and try different product experiences *authentically*, or at least the way other consumers might experience them. It is human nature to provide a different level of quality and service when a restaurant critic comes in to eat and we want to avoid that with our efforts. We try new products and services to gain understanding and insight we can share with our readers. It is not about getting our posteriors smooched at the local weed store.

Q. why do you do this?
Sometimes I ask myself the same question.

Q. do you have an address where I can send crazy shit X for you to review on this blog?
NO. If you have a product or service you would like us to review, please send an email telling us about it and where we can purchase it, along with the price. Email suggestions and any supporting information to stonerlivingblog@gmail.com.

If your crazy shit X is not compelling enough for this interested party with a dedicated budget to purchase, please consider your '5 P's'. All serious submissions will be responded to with an email explaining our decision to evaluate or not, at the very least.

Q. do you do corporate events or speaking engagements?
Absolutely. We would be delighted to bring our unique, nerdy take on the nascent legal pot market happening in the United States to your business enterprise. We will work with your team to create an approved presentation that works with your corporate culture, deliver an energizing live event while creating responsible corporate records with a sensitivity toward how those records may be viewed by different stakeholders now and in the future.

Q. how can I contact you?
Initial contact through email only, please, at stonerlivingblog@gmail.com.

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