Cascadia Cannabis Heritage Consortium

Join the Cascadia Cannabis Heritage Consortium and be a part of history in the making! Provide your opinion, participate in research, or contribute to the historical documentation of the marijuana industry as it creates itself. By signing up you are lending your voice to help preserve the traditional cannabis heritage of the extended Pacific Northwest region of North America.

Cascadia Cannabis Heritage Consortium
The Cascadia Cannabis Heritage Consortium is an opt-in association of  individuals and groups who have agreed to be contacted for purposes of research opportunities and historical documentation. Your contact information is held strictly confidential and we will not sell your information or contact you with commercial solicitations.

Due to decades of prohibition, some of the most qualified experts in all areas of the cannabis business are reluctant or unable to  participate in the legitimization of the cannabis industry.
  • Some drug war veterans have cannabis related convictions
  • Some experts are reluctant to reveal themselves given the current Federally illegal nature of cannabis
The Cascadia Cannabis Heritage Consortium is  dedicated to preserving the traditional cannabis heritage of the extended Pacific Northwest region of North America. Join Today!


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